5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid when Seeking Funding for Your Medical Device

It doesn’t matter how great your medical device concept is—you’ll need some funding to get your idea off the ground.

But device creators often approach funding with a narrow perspective. They see their product only for its inherent strengths, so they fail to communicate critical regulatory and operational considerations to investors. Without a full picture of the product, investors are unlikely to be receptive to this approach by funding the medical device.

To keep your funding from flatlining

Your Ultimate Guide to Building a Learning Organization

If you want to survive, you have to prepare to adapt. In areas known for flooding, people put houses on stilts. In arid climates, roofs are coated with reflective material to stave off the heat. And in the business world, where change often comes quickly and drastically—like a pandemic closing offices—many companies survive by rapidly rolling out training and providing the tools required to help their team adapt to a new environment. Knowledge and learning are pivotal to adaptation. When one can

Machine Learning in Medicine: Using AI to Predict Treatments

At AKASA, we’re always thinking about how we can use machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to better healthcare operations and improve the healthcare industry overall.

Research is a crucial part of what we do. Part of our team is dedicated to ML research, looking exclusively for ways to improve our AI and automation efforts. This dedicated research team then partners with our ML and core engineering teams to implement their latest developments into our product for customers. We

Tokyobike Doubles its In-Store Pickup Sales by Switching From Lightspeed to POS

Founded in the Tokyo suburb of Yanaka in 2002, tokyobike creates bicycles that are comfortable, fast, and “beautiful enough to hang in your living room.” In 2014, tokyobike made its US debut, opening a store in New York City and wholesaling in specialty bike stores across the country. tokyobike had no intention of selling online, because that seemed like a challenging way of offering the high-touch customer service it provides for its bespoke bicycles.

As the brand grew, however, it became clea

Giving People a Voice With Video Feedback

It’s no secret that feedback’s important. Feedback is the only way we can determine what is and isn’t working. While it may be easy to gather quantitative feedback — like slews of responses on surveys — it’s nearly impossible to go deeper to capture people’s voices, body language, and emphasis. All these further highlight their feelings on a topic, but gleaning this type of response often feels a lot like trying to squeeze water from a stone.

Sure, people can go on your Facebook page and try to

How to Get Approval to Sell in Amazon's Gated Categories

Selling in a niche category can be difficult. You have to find an audience, build up a reputation, and then worry about actually selling. What if you could access a larger audience, say, monthly visitors?

If you get approval to sell in Amazon’s gated categories, this audience could be yours. But first, you need to know what the requirements are for your product’s category on Amazon and how to get approval.

For many categories on Amazon, there’s no approval required. You can set up your profile

AR Employee Training Benefits, 4 Examples & How To Build Your Program

Training is a core part of just about any job. With the right knowledge, your team can work efficiently, enjoy their jobs more, and help your organization thrive.

Unfortunately, a lot of training efforts are for naught. According to the forgetting curve, most people forget 75% of what they learn within a couple of days. Further complicating matters, many training methods have to be adapted to suit different people’s learning styles. Some people prefer reading, while others might prefer listenin

How To Conduct An As-Built Survey & Use Digital Twins To Improve Processes

During the construction process, few things are as certain as unplanned changes. Whether the result of unknown variables or a sudden change of heart, unplanned changes quickly make as-designed documents outdated. This is where as-built surveys come into play.

With accurate as-built surveys, you can tell a building’s whole story — even if that story had numerous revisions and drafts before reaching the conclusion. In the past, as-built surveys were a manual, time-consuming process. Today, they’r

A Guide to Venue Management Software

Venue and event professionals are frequently asked to do more with less. Budget is a major component, as 36.7% of event professionals report their budget decreased in 2023 when compared to 2019. Meanwhile, lead times for events are shrinking, while lead times with suppliers are longer amidst resource and staffing shortages.

In short: You need help. And venue management software is the answer.

“Anyone who’s worked in the event space knows the infamous ‘big book.’ The binder to end all binders t

What Is Prior Authorization? (Pillar page)

For RCM leaders and specialists, prior authorization is not only a part of daily life. It’s also a common pain point. Payers (health insurance companies) argue prior authorization is essential to preventing medical waste, but many health professionals argue it’s unnecessary and prevents timely care.
• 60% of healthcare leaders say prior auth is the second most time-consuming task in the revenue cycle
• 35.6% of healthcare organizations say prior auth and pre-certifications are their leading caus

Driving RCM Employee Engagement Through Purpose

As revenue cycle leaders, we all know the telltale signs of a disengaged healthcare RCM employee: they do the bare minimum (or less), make sloppy mistakes on claims or other simple tasks, have decreased productivity, seem unhappy, start showing attendance issues, and are probably job hunting in their spare time.

On the other hand, engaged employees are more likely to stay with your organization and are more productive to boot. With staffing challenges prevalent in most healthcare organizations,

Thoughts on COVID-19 and Revenue Cycle Staffing

The healthcare revenue cycle has been coping with many of the same struggles for decades. Whether you’re at a hospital in New Jersey or a healthcare system in Georgia, revenue cycle leaders are often facing issues like low pay, tight margins, and high turnover. Many of these challenges have been exacerbated by COVID-19. Chief of which is staffing.

At AKASA, we are using leading-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop seamlessly integrated, customized solutions that reduce o

Human After All: Artificial Intelligence Requires Real Human Intellect

The Jetsons imagined a world of flying cars, robot housekeepers, and sheer convenience. While Rosey the Robot isn’t cleaning your house yet, tech leaders like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, and companies like OpenAI and Google, continue to envision and promise an AI-powered world. A world of rapid advancement where AI moderates misinformation and hate on the internet, and cars autonomously drive people around.

But are we there yet?

Frances Haugen’s testimony and more recent headlines on modera

How to Choose the Right Jewelry Business Names

Someone once famously asked, “What’s in a name?” Well, a lot, actually.

If I told you I bought cookies at the grocery store, your mind would likely fill in several brand names immediately: Oreo, Chips Ahoy, belVita. A brand name is a powerful thing, and not just in the glamorous world of cookies. Jewelry business names do a lot of heavy lifting for your business.

But, choosing a jewelry business name isn’t as easy as using an “instant name generator”. (Please don’t use those.) Let’s take a loo

Credit Check: The 17-Year Old’s Guide to Credit Prep

What To Expect When You Turn 18

Ah, 18. It’s a magical time where numerous doors open: the ability to vote, marry, buy real estate or stocks, and sue! That’s not all that happens, though. You also get a wave of credit card offers in the mail.

Credit cards offer unparalleled freedom, but they also come with the risk of heavy interest and debt. In 2018, Americans paid roughly $113 billion in interest on credit cards alone. Yikes. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a part of this statistic if you